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Transliving International Magazine is published in March, June, September and November. We run our online advertisements to coincide with the publication of the magazine. Online adverts will therefore appear for three months (or 90 days).

All advertisers receive inclusion on the Business Partners page of our website free of charge (for the duration of their advert).

Transliving International

  • Transliving is the world’s largest Transgender lifestyle magazine and support group.
  • Its international magazine is published four times a year and distributed free to the Transliving membership and affiliated organisations in the UK and overseas.
  • The magazine carries a £10 cover price and sells via selected retailers, by direct mail order and is available in digital format for computers and tablets from www.transliving.co.uk.
  • Alongside the magazine, we have an up-to-date website with regularly updated articles, details of our events and tickets sale, and our shop.
  • The magazine and website are of particular interest to the transgender community, including spouses, families and friends.
  • It seeks to entertain and inform. Its editorial content includes articles submitted by members, information on legal and medical matters, health care, fashion and styling.
  • Its readers are particularly interested in learning about companies providing goods and services that will help them present themselves in a feminine way or masculine fashion (according to their gender preferences).
  • It provides a readership profile ranging across the socio-economic spectrum and addresses a rapid growth market that is notoriously shy and hard to reach by other means.

Transliving: effective advertising

The trans-community includes a range of people from occasional crossdressers, non-binary individuals and person who choose to live full-time in a new gender (with or without transitioning). Transgender persons who identify as females feel compelled to develop a feminine wardrobe; some wish to seek complete feminisation that requires them to spend across virtually the same spectrum as natural-born females. Similarly, a transgender person who identifies as male seeks to transform themselves to live in male clothing and adopt male characteristics and behaviours.

Transliving: prudent placement of advertising spend

Crossdressers, transwomen and transmen are liable to be apprehensive of causing or being caused embarrassment. They tend to remain loyal to companies that understand and welcome them.

If you prefer to serve these special customers at specific times, or by appointment only, please do not hesitate to say so in your advertisement.

Transliving: tailored marketing support

Transliving targets potentially valuable customers willing and able to spend across the range of women’s fashions, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, grooming, make-up, skin and hair care products etc. Also, many TVs will readily purchase underwear and outerwear styles produced specially for crossdressers.

Magazine Advertising

Publication & closing dates

TransLiving International is published by Transliving International every March, June, September and December. Closing dates for art-work submission is 8th of February, May, August & November.


Website Adverts: all magazine adverts include the addition of your advert (or a custom advert if you prefer) on our website's business partners section free of charge. It does not include adverts on other sections of the website.

Transliving Advertising Rates

Website Advertising

We place adverts on the following sections of our website:

Front Page

A rotating carousel toward the bottom of the page moving between up to six adverts.

Online Magazine Article Pages

Our articles have four advert slots placed on the left-hand side when viewed on tablets and computers (and larger mobile phones). On each article page, it randomly displays four adverts from a maximum pool of twelve adverts. We use cookies to ensure a fair distribution of adverts (so when one advert is displayed, it won't display that advert again until all other adverts have been displayed).


Rates are for a three month period. Adverts will be updated at the same time as our printed magazine; typically, this will be the middle of March, June, September and December.

All rates include a clickable link to a webpage of your choice (advertiser has responsibility for ensuring that the webpage is valid and up-to-date).

Either design your artwork, or we can design it for you. We offer a basic design service: there are two cost levels (i) use on our website only; or (ii) use it on other sites or media.

Front Page Online Magazine Both
Cost (3 months) £100 £100 £150
Artwork size Landscape
600x300px at 72 DPI
300x600px at 72 DPI
Portrait & Landscape
Artwork design
Use on TL website only
£30 £30 £50
Artwork design
Artwork can be used elsewhere
£50 £50 £75
Find out more about Transliving

Transliving International is a global support group for the transgender community.

Online Articles

Read our online articles: be informed about others in the transgender community, get advice and support and be informed!

Club Nights

Club Nights are normally held monthly and are a great opportunity to make new friends and socialise with existing ones.

Weekend Events

Transliving normally holds three weekend events annually, two in Eastbourne and one in Bournemouth; a great chance to escape and be yourself!


Visit our shop for a variety of trans-related products. Treat yourself: you deserve it!


Transliving International is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. It relies on support from the trans-community to be able to provide its services. Please consider donating.

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