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At Sparkle, some of the volunteers on the Transliving stall got talking to a wonderful transwoman, Robyn Electra, on a neighbouring pitch. Robyn was present promoting a new business venture, Gaff and Go, a specialist company making lingerie and swimwear for pre-op transwomen, non-binary people and other members of the trans community who need to tuck. Tucking is the process of folding the male genitalia away so that it can't be seen through clothing, thereby giving a flatter and more feminine appearance.

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I had great enjoyment taking my friend out to eat and shop just before Christmas last year and here is her blog of the day written in her own easy style, how she felt and why she wants to keep doing it.

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Hello my name is Alexis Fox or Lexi to my friends and those that know me. Like many of you, I have been dressing since I was a young child around the age of four -being my earliest memory -and like many of you, I thought I was the only one. I had a very unhappy childhood, confused and frightened by my dysphoria. I once tried to tell my mother, who quickly shut down the conversation. I felt like she must have known I was trying on her clothes, but in retrospect I think she was in denial and didn’t know how to deal with it as there was so little information back in the sixties; no internet back then…how we ever managed to do anything?

Ashley Isaiah
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Do you feel you’re Transgender?

My counsellor asked me this about 2 years ago, and as a person who always had a quick response… ready for a debate… just a conversational person in her presence... I was stuck.

I'm 33 and began my physical FTM transition journey at the age 31. I say physical, ...

Bruce Hills
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Hey everyone and welcome to the fantastic new Transliving website! My name is Bruce, and I've been a regular contributor to the magazine for almost three years now, so I was delighted and honoured to be asked if I would submit a feature for the website. It will be packed full of other great stuff for the whole community to enjoy, and as with the ...

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