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It was a windy morning at 7.30 on a Saturday in mid July that myself and Brandy, the TL make up artist , rocked up at Warrior Gardens in Southend to assemble the Transliving magazine gazebo and stand at Southend Pride. There was a good deal of interest all day and we took every photo opportunity we could, including when the mayor came and saw us.

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At the tender age of 63, I attended my first Pride event last month. Transliving International were taking part with a stall for the day and required a few unsuspecting girls to help out with advice, leaflet distribution and, more importantly, the erection of the Transliving gazebo which had only recently been recovered from the Black Country. Courtsey of Transliving resident photographer, Richard, I found myself one of the unsuspecting crash test dummies who volunteered to help and I’m very glad I did. The forecast was clear and on our trip over to the heart of Essex it was obvious that it was going to be a very hot day.

Transgender Pride
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Transliving will be at several pride events this summer to raise the profile of Transliving, give out flyers and maybe sell some magazines, events tickets and memberships.

Can you help out on one of our stalls? It could be for just a few hours at one event, or maybe you can help at more than one.

Reading Pride
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We wondered around the many stalls spread across the meadow, split into different sections. Something I had never seen before were the latex ponies at pets corner, it must have been so hot inside those suits, when I asked, all I got was a “neigh”. We picked up a few leaflets and stickers as we strolled about. Playfully blowing rainbow bubbles I was given at one stall, a lovely lady stopped to share in my juvenile joy!

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