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Transliving events covered in this issue:
Kinky Boots story and review of the stage play by Roxanne and Suzanne.

Miss Transliving winners and runners up at Eastbourne 2023.
Gallery of photos from Eastbourne 2023.
Part Three of our own Kirsty and Elfen's transgender wedding.
Jessica Alice's take on the Prince and Princesses photoshoot from Eastbourne 2023.

cont ....

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When it comes to visibility, transmen seem to be overwhelmingly outnumbered by transwomen. Their representation in society and media is scarce. But why?

Transliving magazine and its predecessors have been around for more than 40 years and yet, you can count with one hand the number of times you see a trans man as its cover star. It is as if Transliving is a ‘women-only glossy’ akin to Cosmopolitan where men would be featured once a year for their ‘Most Eligible Bachelors’ issue.

Laith Ashley (Model)

Angie Baker
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Issue 78 is now out. What's in this latest edition?

On the cover is the gorgeous Angie Baker with fabulous photos and an article about boosting your body image. As you'd expect, the magazine is full of fabulous photographs; there's lots of advice for the trans-community, event and book reviews.

Issue 77 Transliving Magazine
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What's in the next issue of Transliving Magazine (Issue 77)? Here's a taste:

🔹 Tina Martin does photos in the style of Princess Diana
🔹 TEAMM8 introduce their new range of gender-neutral leisure wear
🔹 Kirsty reviews the annual Sparkle celebration in July
🔹 Cindi & Nicola review a day out at the races attending Brighton Ladies' Day with a party of girls (and Richard!)


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What's in our latest issue? Pictures and accounts from the three winners of the recent Miss Transliving contest: Miss Transliving - Jessica Alice; Miss Golden Girl, Elfen; and Miss Diamond Girl, Rachel. Several interviews including transmale George Blake, following his top surgery in Poland; musical performer and curator Aiden Feltkamp; musician Alone, a non-conforming, pansexual, queer man; and US Space Force Lt. Colonel Bree Farm. Discussions on labels and definitions. Photographs from the Transliving Eastbourne Weekend in March, including the Playboy Bunnies Photoshoot. Guidance on eating like a lady. And so much more!

Zombie Photoshoot
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Issue 74 is on its way. Here's a taste of what we've got to look forward to:

  • Cover-girl, Ariela Maria Stanciu: Miss Trans Global Romania 2021

  • Pictures from the Halloween themed Transliving weekend in October, ...

Transliving Magazine Issue 73
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Welcome to the latest edition of Tranliving Magazine. We're delighted that issue 73 is now on its way to the printers and is now available to order.

Inside we've features on:

  • Trans adult model Crystal X
  • Panty Peeks by Nina Jay

Transliving Issue 72 picture
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Issue 72, the next edition of Transliving, is on its way to the printers!

Here's a taste of what you can look forward to:

  • An interview with actor Matias Noyd-Moss, a transmasculine/non-binary star who talks about transitioning from stage ...
Transliving Magazine Issue 71
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The latest issue of your favourite magazine is now out!


An interview with Latin American crossdresser Ana Cristina Garcia.

Coming out as a Transman by 25-year-old Tyler Thomson

Coming ...

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