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Sparkle Photograph
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The setup goes well, all up and ready to go with time to spare. Now the nerves are starting to kick in, and the gates open, oh crap, I'm actually going to have to speak to people I've never met before. As my friends know, this is totally out of my comfort zone (and I really mean totally), new people! Talk? Panic…. But as I force myself to approach people and talk about what I know best, my journey, and how Transliving has helped me, it gets easier. I also began to realise a lot of the people I'm talking to are more nervous than I am. Confidence is growing by the minute I tell anyone who will listen about all the great things Transliving has to offer and giving out goodie bags.

Gemma in her Pride T-Shirt

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I had great enjoyment taking my friend out to eat and shop just before Christmas last year and here is her blog of the day written in her own easy style, how she felt and why she wants to keep doing it.

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It’s Thursday 16 March 2023 and I’m booked to attend the annual TLI Spring weekend at the Haddon Hall Hotel in Eastbourne from tomorrow (Friday 17th).

After a great Friday night I was then preparing for Saturday evening in my new dress, a gorgeous black shift dress with light pink tape work by Roman Originals. I only just managed to get my name added to the list for the Miss TLI competition with only an hour to go before the main event (thanks to Rachel and Shane).

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My name is Nicola Devreux. Nicola is the name that my parents would have given me if I had been born a girl. They already had my two brothers and my sister and they wanted a daughter to even things up. It ends up that they did get what they wanted.! I live in rural Kent and am now in my fiftieth year of dressing. I have never wanted to transition , even though I have the means to do so. I enjoy having the best of both worlds .

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Hi everyone, my name is Sophie Kelly, and I'm a 52-year-old trans-woman living in rural Ireland.

A few weeks ago, much to my surprise and amazement, I was lucky enough to be crowned Miss Transliving International 2023 at the Transliving Eastbourne weekend. I had entered this pageant previously in 2018, and it was such great fun that I decided to take part again this year - but with no expectation at all of success.

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For so many months in 2020, we've had to stay at home, away from other people, unable to socialise and party, filling those long days with those long overdue and often tedious tasks. For some, it would have provided time and an opportunity to dress up. For others, a deep frustration at not being able to, whilst trapped at home with family and roommates. ...

Ashley Isaiah
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Do you feel you’re Transgender?

My counsellor asked me this about 2 years ago, and as a person who always had a quick response… ready for a debate… just a conversational person in her presence... I was stuck.

I'm 33 and began my physical FTM transition journey at the age 31. I say physical, ...

Bruce Hills
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Hey everyone and welcome to the fantastic new Transliving website! My name is Bruce, and I've been a regular contributor to the magazine for almost three years now, so I was delighted and honoured to be asked if I would submit a feature for the website. It will be packed full of other great stuff for the whole community to enjoy, and as with the ...

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