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This year 2023, Exeter did not have a Pride celebration, but our local arts centre, The Phoenix, had a celebration called The Rainbow Fayre. It was a great success. I wanted to attend and bring awareness to trans-people; I am trans-female. I have only been living full-time and working (as a receptionist) in my female role since 13th March 2022.

Although Exeter is one of seven places (I believe) having clinics for trans-people, we are not widely supported by groups or clubs. Occasionally there is local media interest in a bus driver, headmistress or landlady being transgender.

So I donned my custom-made trans-colour dress/outfit and attended The Rainbow Fayre; at the event, people were lovely and complimentary, wanting to say 'Hi' and have photos taken with me. My travel to and from the event was more interesting as local people were happy to see me, again complimentary, cheering and waving as I walked.

My conversations with people mainly had to do with mainstream trans issues: trans people going to prison, referring to themselves as women and women's rights, use of toilets and trans people in sports. I am not very informed on this last issue of genders in sports and can't give a view on it yet. But I did chat about issues I felt I could give from my own experience, such as gender identity. What follows is a little of the opinion I gave when chatting.

As a transperson, I identify as transfemale, it is such early days, and our language needs to develop and evolve where gender identity is concerned. But I acknowledge women should own their word 'women'; I am not a cisgender woman; I have never been a little girl, had a period/pain, or had the possibility of a baby growing inside me. I am a transwoman with a history of being female in a male body, with society treating me as a male and expecting me to behave accordingly, causing me much pain, upset and confusion.

I have attached photos of me on that day. I am hoping to develop my outfit for attending other pride events. I am particularly happy with my trans-tote bag, which states in trans colours Get Over It.

Many blessings and much love,

Kit 🦋🌻

Friday July 21st, 2023
Friday July 14th, 2023
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