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After over half a century in my own little closet, I have finally, at the age of 65 gone OUT! Out into the real world of the general public in the daytime and it was one of the most amazing, wonderful, exhilarating things I have ever done.

My opportunities to dress are fairly limited but when I mentioned to a friend that I had 24 hours of Meg time she suggested that we went out for lunch and then shopping. Before my closet mentality kicked in I agreed and the preparations for my big adventure started.

I have always hated being hairy but my home situation means that I can’t be totally hairless. Over the years I have trimmed and epilated as much as I could to try and get to a reasonable compromise, but I knew that I had to take this to the limit! I have always used a hair trimmer on a No.2 comb to give a comfortable trim but I needed to take this even further. Using an epilator at an angle, I thinned and plucked all over, reducing the thickness of the hair making it less noticeable. The less seen bits like my thighs went totally hairless and felt fabulous! As the day approached, the planning went up a gear, checking the weather to work out what to wear, what makeup look to go for, not too glamorous but hopefully classy enough to go shopping with and not attract too much attention. I decided on a skirt and top which would be easier if I needed to try anything on and tan tights rather than the black stockings I would normally wear.

The day finally arrived and my plan went into action. Dressed and made up, after a couple of selfies, I was ready to go out of the front door. This was the scariest part of the whole day hoping my neighbours wouldn’t be on their drive. Door open, me out and door locked and into the car, ok so far but the wait to drive into the road was nerve wracking until I finally got out and on my way.

I now started to relax and enjoy the experience, I was conscious of everything, trying not to forget the tiniest of details. Driving dressed, the way the slight heel felt on the pedals, the big smile on my face.

I arrived at Nicola’s as she would be driving today and I could be the passenger and be a lady driven. When I got into her car, I remembered that I should keep my knees together, bum in first and swing my legs in in a ladylike way. I did forget about this a couple of times through the day but I think I was the only one who noticed!

The drive to the pub she had suggested took about 40 minutes, so we had a lovely chat on the way and my eyes kept on being drawn to my legs and my skirt. Something I had never experienced before.

It was a short walk from where we parked to a lovely LGBT friendly pub. When got out I was feeling so good, my confidence was building and I was having the best time. Our waitress took us to our table, she knew we were dressers but presented the menus to us with a ‘your menus Ladies’ priceless!

After our meal, it was another new experience, going to the Ladies and redoing my lipstick, I was having so much fun.

After a short drive, it was time to go shopping and this would be my real test. I was feeling pretty good about myself but this was the real world, walking around a town as a woman amongst the general public. It was so good NOT to be noticed! It didn’t take me long to realise most people are too busy in their own little world to notice anyone else.

Shopping was next, and going into a shop and being able to take time browsing the makeup counters or the clothing and even the lingerie was actually easier than in drab. I was waiting at the entrance to one shop whilst Nicola was paying, a lady walked in gave me a glance, checking me out as a woman and then carried on into the shop, it was only a split second glance but my confidence ramped up another notch.

I was paying for my purchases in one shop and the check out girl said, ‘I love your makeup, I can never get mine looking so good and even, but that’s what having two babies can do to you!’ I was absolutely glowing.

My confidence was at a peak so we went for a coffee, just two ladies on a day out, but both feeling sensational.

Now I have a problem, where and WHEN can I do this again

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