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I hurried into a crowd of strangers that had gathered in Chinatown. It was an overcast Sunday afternoon and I was late once again. We were due to leave at 15:00 on the dot, and just as I hurried into where the crowd had formed a voice came over the megaphone, 'So if you're with my group for the trouserless tube ride then follow me.' I'd made it in the nick of time.

Wait what???? I hear you say.

It turns out this is an annual event that started in New York as a way of cheering people up as the January blues set in, no other reason. It has since spread around the world with various cities organising their own ones.

My reasons for going were partly because a lot of crossdressers & tgirls are nervous about riding the train. I used to be one, and I wanted to show how brave I can be now. With the other reason being that I’m an attention seeking tart.

The premise was simple: we were instructed to wait on the platform until everyone was together, then board the train and once the doors had closed remove your trousers and act natural.

The train was already busy before we got on, standing room only, and the other passengers were oblivious to what was about to happen. We were in a different carriage from the group leader and I heard a woman nervously say 'The doors are closed, do we go now?'. Well, I've come this far, so I spoke up 'ok I’ll go first then!' and proceeded to drop my skirt and pop it into my handbag.

This prompted the others to drop their trousers much to the bemusement of the other people. I then explained to the rather puzzled foreign lady next to me what was going on and she laughed. Then came one of the often repeated security messages over the speakers 'If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, report it to a member of staff' and the whole train erupted into laughter. I turned back to the lady, placed my finger on my lips and said 'shhh'.

We left the train at Euston, a fairly busy station for a few photos. There were many freelance photographers following us about from that point on, snapping away in the hopes that some of the media would buy their pics to use in their stories. Thankfully all my practice in tarting about in front of cameras meant that I didn't flinch. In fact the hardest part was not posing and smiling, it was supposed to look natural after all.

Watching groups of them all run ahead so they could be in position for the next shot gave me a taste of what it was like being famous. It turned out that it wasn’t just one train we would ride but many, finally finishing at the steps of St Paul's for a group photo.

My feet ached from all the standing around on trains and walking about. But I wasn't finished just yet, there was an after party at a bar a short walk away.

I felt this to be too good an opportunity to miss, I mean when would I next get the chance to walk around a straight bar in my knickers and still feel safe?

Even though I only stayed for one drink, I had achieved what I'd set out to do, and what a fun day it had been. They say if you're nervous about doing something, imagining everyone else in their underwear can make you feel more confident. But if you can be the one in your underwear and still manage to do what you do, then you just are more confident.

I checked online the next day to see if any of the news stories had my picture. Alas no, there were a few where I was partially obscured in the background, and a video where you could see my bum going up the top of an escalator, but that was it. I guess in the cis-world I'm not the belle of the ball. Oh well there’s always next year.

But a couple of days later, my friend sent me a link. She had looked online and found me, not in a UK story but in a video on an American news site by USA Today. I claimed the screen at 28 seconds into a 35 second clip, I suppose they saved the best till last lol. I guess I'm just a little bit more famous now, or should that be infamous?

Love Jessica Alice x

Saturday January 28th, 2023
Monday January 23rd, 2023
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