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Manchester Pride, in partnership with The Drag Kings of Manchester, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting series of summer workshops: The House of Queens, Kings and Holy Things

Exclusively for members of Youth Pride MCR aged 14 to 18, and those up to 25 with additional needs, this innovative drag school offers a transformative experience in the world of drag. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their performance skills, learn about makeup and costume, build self-confidence, forge new friendships, and perfect their drag performance craft.

Beyond the glamour and glitter, the workshop also aims to provide the participants valuable experience and insights into the creative industries as well as improving social and public speaking skills. Manchester Pride has developed the workshops in response to feedback directly from the young people it supports, over 50% of young people expressed a desire to learn more about drag and creative performance. With mental health as a cornerstone, it is structured to create an encouraging and supportive environment, fostering the sense of community, self-acceptance, and joy. 

Over five weeks the young people will develop their skills in areas such as costume, make-up, persona and performance. At the end they will have a chance to perform at the Youth Pride MCR event as part of the Manchester Pride Festival. Manchester Pride aims to give young people who might not get a chance to perform in a mainstream setting a chance to take to the stage alongside their peers. 

About Youth Pride MCR

Youth Pride MCR, a project by Manchester Pride, is dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ young people and their allies. By creating a safe and inclusive community, Youth Pride MCR organises engaging workshops tailored specifically for individuals aged 14 to 18. These workshops provide a nurturing environment where participants can explore their identities, develop new skills, and build meaningful connections.

Mark Fletcher, CEO of Manchester Pride, added:

We are excited to launch this unique and creative initiative, offering our young members a platform to express themselves, meet new people, and potentially ignite their passion for a career in the creative industries.

The House of Queens, Kings and Holy Things encapsulates the spirit of Manchester Pride, creating opportunities for the LGBTQ+ youth of our community to thrive, be seen, and heard. We are eager to see the talent and creativity that will emerge from this program.

About The Drag Kings of Manchester

The Drag Kings of Manchester is a vibrant community group dedicated to supporting drag kings in and around Manchester. It welcomes drag kings, fans of the performance art, and anyone interested in exploring the world of drag. 

Sadie Moir, Chair of Drag Kings of Manchester, said:

Working with young people to create opportunities we wish we’d had is just magical. Seeing yourself in others and feeling a sense of belonging is core to our practice. We have a DIY approach to everything we do and sharing fuels our ethics of working together.

Louise aka Tom Buoy, a member of Drag Kings of Manchester, said:

Without the kings, I wouldn’t have found such a sense of place. It’s helped me in more aspects of my life than just performing too. The cockiness of Tom Buoy seeps into my life and really fuels my confidence. As a group, I feel like we’re able to evolve constantly. The community spirit is alive!

How to get involved

Youth Pride MCR welcomes all individuals aged 14 to 18 to get involved. If you are passionate about meeting new friends and learning about LGBTQ+ activism in a safe and supportive environment that allows you to be yourself, don’t miss out!

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