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TV/TS Contacts

Looking to make new contacts and friends worldwide? Then place a contact advert in Transliving's TV/TS Contacts Magazine. Email advert and photo (optional) to or see below for details on how to book by post. There is no charge for Transliving members, please enclose your membership number with your booking.


OTV Occasional TV
RTV Regular TV
FTV Full Time TV
Ptp Participating Partner
PT pre op Transsexual
TS post op Transsexual
GSOH good sense of humour
GF Genetic Female
BI bisexual
ALA all letters Answered

How to place your ad.

TLI members may have adverts free with a box number and a photo if they wish. Ads will run for six months, please let us know if you wish to renew. If you wish to add a phone number or an address, please add £2 administration charge.
Non members you may include a photo and the price is £2 up to 20 words and 10p a word there after. If you wish to add a phone number or an address, please add £2 administration charge. Send your wording written clearly to: - Transliving, PO BOX 3, Basildon, Essex, SS13 3WA. 

How to reply to a box number if no email address is given.
Place your reply in a small sealed, unstamped envelope. Where the stamp normally goes, write (in pencil) the box number of the advertiser your letter is to be forwarded to. Place the envelope in a larger envelope, together with: 50p per reply (£1 per reply for non-members) Your name, address and (if appropriate) your TLI membership number. Send sufficient loose 1st class stamps to cover the postage. Send it all to: TLI (PP), P.O. Box 3, Basildon, Essex. SS13 3WA


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