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Any contestants aged 50 and over will automatically be entered into Miss Transliving Golden Girl. Contestants aged 60 and over will automatically be entered into Miss Transliving Diamond Girl.

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Conditions of Entry

Entry is only open to those who are booked in guests for the full Transliving Eastbourne Weekend.
There is no dress code; we simply ask that you are dressed respectfully.

If selected as Miss Transliving International or Miss Transliving Golden/Diamond Girl
  • You will agree to write or cooperate in the writing of a profile for Transliving and will be extensively photographed with the pictures used with your article. Photos may be used inside the magazine as well as possibly on the front cover, website and any future advertising flyers. Please remember Transliving is distributed internationally.

  • If you are unable to receive mail, you can arrange to pick up correspondence at any of our events.

  • You agree to become part of the TLI working team socially by representing Transliving when out and about.

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