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Insights into Transvestism
Transsexualism and all other gender presentations.
Despite regularly being featured on chat shows, the transgendered are among the most misunderstood people in our community. This collection of writings gives an insight into the discrete world of transvestites and transsexuals.
It reveals their fears, guilt and compulsions, whilst also considering the impact they have on others ˆ families, friends,
colleagues, employers and those in authority. An essential guide for anyone considering setting out on the transsexual road, it provides a much needed dash of reality based on a combination of direct experience and careful observation. It looks at aspects of gender, reveals the little-known facts about the intersexed,
considers the action of hormones and the dangers of their abuse.
Contributions from Dr Russell Reid and Melanie McMullen

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He or She

The companion to the new format Tranny Guide, packed full of articles, advice, great piccies and loads of useful info about all things Tranny.
Fair amount of autobiography about Vicky Lee, but then with Way Out Club, Tranny Guide, her numerous stage performances and all the people she's met and worked with over the years, that's no bad thing!

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My Journey Sally to Shay - A Book of Female to Male Transition
When two people smiled, little did they know the journey that lay ahead. This is the detailed and intimate autobiographical account of a personal gender transformation – from Sally to Shay.
A full and frank account of a complete transition from female to male including photos of surgery.
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