Ticket Sales

Version 21.01 (February 2021)

We sell tickets to our club nights, weekend events and other occasional events via our website. Due to the differing nature of our events and the various policies on charges by our venues, we do not have a single policy for our events. Instead, we have individual policies.

It is therefore important that you check the terms and conditions for each event you are purchasing tickets for. There will be different rules concerning deposits, refunds and transferring tickets to others. You will need to confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions as part of a condition of the sale of tickets.

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Transliving International is a global support group for the transgender community.

Online Articles

Read our online articles: be informed about others in the transgender community, get advice and support and be informed!

Club Nights

Club Nights are normally held monthly and are a great opportunity to make new friends and socialise with existing ones.

Weekend Events

Transliving normally holds three weekend events annually, two in Eastbourne and one in Bournemouth; a great chance to escape and be yourself!


Visit our shop for a variety of trans-related products. Treat yourself: you deserve it!


Transliving International is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. It relies on support from the trans-community to be able to provide its services. Please consider donating.

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